C172SP HBTLZ Pilot Safety and Warning Supplements D5139-13 (merged)
C172SP HBTLZ Poids et centrage actuels
C172SP HBTLZ Section03-Emergency procedures
C172SP HBTLZ Section04-Normal procedures
C172SP HBTLZ Section06-Weight & Balance - Equipment list
C172SP HBTLZ Section07-Airplane et Systems description
C172SP HBTLZ Section08-Airplane handling, Service & Maintenance
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp01 BendixKing KX155A with KI208 or 209 indicator
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp02 BendixKing KT76C transponder
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp03 BendixKing KMA26 audio panel
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp05 BendixKing IFR KLN89B GPS
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp06 BendixKing KR87 ADF
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp07 BendixKing KAP140 single axis autopilot
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp08 Winterization Kit
C172SP HBTLZ Section09-Supp-Supp09 Davtron Clock-OAT

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